sewing line icon

Tailor icons set. Outline set of tailor vector icons for web design isolated on white background.

navigation banner and icons

Set of navigation banner and icons.

magnifying glass in human hand with car

Magnifying glass in human hand with car.

tools badges

Sets of editable cartooned tools badges. Service work or repair logo. Tool concepts

spanner and bolt

Spanner and bolt billboard metallic design. Metallic banner with blank space for text concept vector illustration.

technology question

Set of gears in a question mark form.

petrol station icons

Set of fuel pump, gas station, oil, petrol icons or labels in black and white.

petrol gas

Dripping red gas pump nozzle background isolated in blue background.

metal texture tiles

Assorted metal texture tiles design element.

fuel crisis

Animated fuel chart with gas pump nozzle.

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