team and mountain

Business people climb to the top of the mountain, leader helps the team to climb the cliff and reach the goal, business concept of leadership and teamwork.

startup creative business and processes the implementation of ideas

Startup, creative, modern information technology, business and business processes, the implementation of ideas. Illustration thin line design of vector doodles, infographics elements.

isometric paper plane leadership

Isometric paper plane leadership concept.

financial growth process

Money tree growing. Business economic investment vector concept. Planting process business metaphor.

charity and donate line icons

Set of charity and donate line icons.

care charity kindness icon

Set of care charity kindness line icons.

business solution

Group of businessmen thinking and standing on a puzzle piece. Business solution illustration.

business people team icon set

Set of business people team icon.

beauty service

Young lady with too many hands serviced him. Beauty service concept.

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