people networking

People standing in a jigsaw piece puzzle. Network puzzle design element.

office icons 2

simple set of office icons and labels in flat design.

office icons

Assorted flat office icons or labels. Contain icons such as clock, notes, inbox, search, contact and network.

help icons

Set of animated help icons.

glossy web icons

Assorted icons include – home, contact, print, love, notes, link, website, forward, reply,  message and information.

glossy office 2 icons

Business and office glossy icons – disk, notes, meeting.

glossy internet icons

Assorted internet/media icons in white background.


Optometry is a profession that involves examining the eyes. Optical and Visual Icons. Simple Set of Optometry contains such as eye test chart, eyeglasses, contact lens, eye.

business communication icons 2

Business communications icon set 2.

business communication icons

Business communications icon set.

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