business solution

Group of businessmen thinking and standing on a puzzle piece. Business solution illustration.

silver seal

Set of silver seals for awards, certificate, agreement and achievement. Silver seal editable design vector illustration.

businessman sales billboard

Happy businessman shouting an announcement with blank sales billboard in skylight background animated vector illustration concept design.

approved seals

Set of editable cartooned approved seals.


Judge’s gavel in a light brown background with an image of a symbol of the courthouse. Used for making a verdict after a hearing in the courtroom. Commands attention to everyone present in the court. Used by a judge.

gold seal

Vector Badges of Gold Seal Set. Golden seal set with banner isolated on white background. Vector design element.

crown badge

King crown on gold seal badge. Golden shiny genuine gold crown label/badge.

breaking grounds icons

Leadership Training for Managers, Team building, Management training, and Presentation Skills.


The contract is a legal document that states and explains a formal agreement between two different people or groups.

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